Virtually everyone in the Netherlands has a debit card from his bank that is linked to a payment account

This allows you to pay quickly, safely and easily in stores, restaurants and (petrol) stations. And you can withdraw cash from ATMs. The debit card can be used in all Euro countries as well as many other countries.

Payment terminals

The Dutch Payments Association is committed to the convenience, stability and safety of using payment terminals in the Netherlands. There are always signs of movements in the electronic (POS) payment system, but the personal PIN and payment convenience remain unchanged. On payment terminals, international standards and rules apply.

Visit our factsheet for more information on chip-and pin versus contactless payments:

Interactive factsheet

Security payment terminals

The Payments Association together with the banks oversees the security of all payment terminals. It checks with suppliers of payment terminals - on behalf of its members and stakeholders - whether the standards and rules are applied correctly.

Continuity and stability

The increase in the number of electronic payments poses high demands on the robustness of the payment chain. However, a malfunction cannot always be avoided. In this context, a centralized system for reporting, passing on and following interruptions was established in 2009: CONNECT.

Standards and promotion


Often, payment terminals are linked to cash register systems. There are also standards for ensuring that each payment terminal can be linked to each cash register. This gives entrepreneurs more freedom in the choice of a cash register and a payment terminal. The Payments Association facilitates such innovations and ensures that all stakeholders get involved early in the process.


The Payments Association conducts research into payment behavior and provides communication and consumer campaigns on safe and efficient payments with debit cards. Promotional material is developed in co-operation with other parties in the payment system. Retailers can order this promotional material, usually free of charge, from ts own online shop(in Dutch). at

More information

On and Dutch) more detailed information is available. Consumers, retailers and suppliers of payment terminals, cash registers and infrastructure can find relevant information on these websites.

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