The European direct debit makes sure that suppliers abroad and suppliers in The Netherlands are authorized in the same way to debit an account; for both the same process rules apply

For a European direct debit, an account holder issues a mandate to a beneficiary to debit amounts from his current account automatically (single payment or recurrent). It does not matter in which SEPA countries the bank accounts of the payer and beneficiary are held.

The following will apply to the European Direct Debit:

  • Direct debits and payments will be performed by a uniform method in the Netherlands and throughout the rest of SEPA.
  • The use of IBAN will be mandatory.
  • File formats will change for collectors.
  • The collector must submit the direct debit order to its bank earlier than is currently the case.

There are two types of European direct debit:

  • The standard European direct debit
    The standard European direct debit can be used for both private and business debtors. The debtor always has a right of refund of 8 weeks.
  • The European business-to-business direct debit
    The European business-to-business direct debit can only be used for business debtors. The debtor does not have a right of refund. The debtor has to register the mandate information with his own bank.
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