The Payment Society is committed to easy, stable and safe counter payment in the Netherlands

Different ways to pay at the counter at POS payment transactions:

The Dutch Payments Association follows the innovations that occur in the payment system closely. In the case of changes in the payment chain that concern more than a single payment brand, the Payments Association acts as a central coordinator for planning and implementation. The wishes of all parties concerned are taken into account. In this context, the Payments Association keeps track of innovations occurring in the payment system. It helps its members in the implementation of new applications, for example by formulating and managing collective agreements.


Standards are an important cornerstone of (card) payments in SEPA. Standards are increasingly set internationally. Therefore the Payments Association is involved in the international discussion on standards. Standards remove technological barriers and ensure that a payment product can be used safely and efficiently throughout the payment chain. If all providers in the payment chain use the same standards, more options are made available to the users of their services. This encourages competition and often leads to lower costs.

Visit our factsheet for more facts about payments at points of sale:

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