Under PSD2, banks are obliged to make a 'digital gateway' available to supervised third parties offering payment initiation and / or account information services

This access is possible via the consumer interface or a special interface ('dedicated interface' or API). The Dutch Payments Association supports the view that open, specially developed ('dedicated') interfaces (APIs) are the best guarantee for safe and reliable communication via the banking infrastructure between third parties and payment account holders. Individual payment service providers and European market standardization initiatives are working hard on this. The Dutch Payments Association is closely involved in this.

National Implementation Support Platform

Dutch Payments Association is undertaking coordination activities to facilitate the smooth implementation of dedicated interfaces for both ASPSPs and TPPs, and ultimately help facilitate the granting of exemptions of the fall-back interface obligation by DNB. These activities are labelled ‘National Implementation Support Platform NL’ or NISP-NL.

This platform facilitates the interaction between ASPSPs, TPPs and other stakeholders and DNB as an observer to discuss the process until 14 September 2019 when the dedicated interfaces have to be operational and ‘wide usage’ has been demonstrated.

Background information on NISP-NL can be found in the invitation for the kick-off meeting. Feel free to get in touch with us by sending a message to nisp-nl@betaalvereniging.nl.

Relevant documents

All documents and other relevant outcome of NISP-NL are published on this dedicated web page when they become available.

Announcement of NISP-NL - 5 December 2018

Kick-off meeting - 14 December 2018

Presentation slides used in the meeting:

Results from the meeting:

Meeting to detail the proposed workstream approach - 15 January 2019

Presentation slides used in the meeting:

Results from the meeting:

Deliverable Workstream 1a “Testing - TPP Integration Testing” – 28 January 2019


Meeting on Conformance Testing and Reporting – 6 February 2019

Presentation slides used in the meeting:

Results of the meeting:

Meeting on Implementation Coordination – 12 February 2019

Presentation slides used in the meeting:

Results from the meeting:

Additional documents

Here you will find additional background information that might be of interest.

Open Banking UK User Experience Guidelines

These customer experience guidelines provide journeys for third party providers and account providers.

ENISA Study "Good practices on the implementation of regulatory technical standards"

This study will provide stakeholders such as payment service providers, competent authorities, and EU Member States, with an overview of the implementation of the PSD2 in different national legislations, focussing on risk management and incident reporting.

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