The Dutch Payments Association directs the further development of the joint payments infrastructure

The needs of payment service providers are subject to change. Moreover, new payment services, other business models and new players seeking to acquire a place in the payment market lead to a changing payment market. In many cases, the underlying technical payment infrastructure is a prerequisite for payment services and propositions that parties can bring to the market.

Coordination and facilitation

The Dutch Payments Association directs the further development of the joint payments infrastructure which enables market parties to offer new services.

In this context, the Dutch Payments Association coordinates and facilitates the realization of an Instant Payments infrastructure. In the case of early technological developments, such as blockchain technology, the Dutch Payments Association facilitates information exchange and joint building of knowledge and experience. This contributes to the innovative capacity of the sector.

Social involvement

The sector develops payment services which are relevant for all. The payment system and its providers are intensely regulated and are regularly subject to social and political accountability. This makes a well-thought-out stakeholder management increasingly important.

The Payments Association ensures that the sector is collectively visible to - and addressable by - relevant stakeholders. In addition, the Payments Association acts as a provider of information about the sector and payment system in general and brings the societal importance of the sector out into the open.

Laws and regulations

The Payments Association fulfills an active role in legislative and regulatory processes. We represent the sector in various national and European gremia and businesses, on behalf of and with our members, take action on current social and political payment-related issues. E.g. CJIB collection and number portability.

Developments in payment system we discuss with our stakeholders in various forums of the Payments Association, including the Stakeholder Forum Cards and the Giro-based Stakeholder Forum. Finally, we provide information to the press and are spokesperson on behalf of the sector as far as the subjects relate to the sector as a whole.

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