The social importance of the electronic payment system in the Netherlands has increased significantly in recent years

Payments are increasingly made by debit card and banking matters are arranged via online banking. As a result of these developments, there is also a greater need for improved transaction security, more stringent fraud prevention and earlier malfunction prevention.

Technical malfunctions in the payment chain have a major impact on both consumers and business owners. Fraud occurs in a variety of forms, such as phishing, skimming, shouldering and theft, cash trapping, etc. Many parties are involved in fraud prevention: banks, transaction processors, POS terminal suppliers, brand owners, and also business owners and consumers. The police and the law play an important role in tracking down criminal fraudsters.

The Payments Association coordinates, facilitates and invests in this fight for a secure and reliable payment system. It cooperates closely with the Dutch Banking Association and other stakeholders.

Centre of expertise

The Payments Association evaluates incidents and collects fraud data for research and analysis. Based on its research and analysis, the Payments Association can present fraud-reduction measures and issue advice to its members and other stakeholders.

Testing and certification

The Payments Association tests and certifies POS terminals and data communication links. It ensures that POS terminals and data communication links, both now and in the future, comply with the security standards we are accustomed to in the Netherlands despite the globalization and expansion of fraud.

We will increasingly be confronted with European rules and standards in the coming years. The Payments Association gathers relevant information and advises its members on these rules and standards. It aims to lighten the regulatory burden and achieve a standardised and efficient certification process. logo

Our website provides more information on the campaigns that the Dutch Payments Association develops to fight fraud in the payment system.


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