To facilitate debit card transactions a data communication link, as well as an POS terminal, is required for communication with the systems of banks and transaction processors

There are various types of data communication links: wired connections, such as ADSL connections, and mobile connections, such as those via GPRS or UMTS.

The Dutch Payments Association certifies data communication providers or connections for debit card payments in the Netherlands. In that way it is clear to an entrepreneur which providers meet the minimum quality set by the Payments Association. One of the requirements is a guarantee of a network service availability of at least 99.6%. Another requirement is that the network provider is connected to CONNECT, the central reporting and information system of the Payments Association for maintenance and malfunctions in the payment chain of debit card transactions.


The Payments Association advises entrepreneurs to use a certified connection. An entrepreneur may also opt for a non-certified connection, but there are no guarantees for a minimum level of availability of the network service.

Business owners can also opt for a cheaper broadband solution via the public internet. The Payments Association does not set any specific requirements for such connections. The Dutch Payments Association maintains a list of broadband installers for debit card transactions.


The Dutch Payments Association maintains a list of providers who can supply certified data communication services


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