CONNECT: Insight into disruptions to electronic POS payment transactions


How do organisations know whether there are any malfunctions and which other parties are involved in a particular disruption? Thanks to CONNECT, the central online information and reporting system, reports of disruptions are immediately sent to the right place. Participants report scheduled and unexpected disruptions themselves. Thanks to the easily accessible communication lines in the reporting system, the parties concerned are kept well informed on the disruption and can resolve it or bypass it as quickly as possible.

Dealing with growth and complexity

Due to the introduction of the euro payment zone (SEPA) and the intended greater competition on the payment market, the payment chain for PIN transactions is becoming more complex. At the same time, the importance of electronic payment in shops is increasing because more and more cash payments are being replaced by electronic payments. The importance of a stable, error-free payment chain is therefore increasing. CONNECT contributes to this as an information channel.

Solving disruptions

CONNECT is accessible to every party that plays a role in electronic POS transactions. For example, retailers, terminal and data communication providers, transaction processors and banks can all become participants.

CONNECT for participants

By participating in CONNECT, you will be informed promptly of relevant scheduled and unexpected disruptions in the payment chain. If all of your associates in the payment chain are members of CONNECT, you will be guaranteed complete notification. CONNECT’s Rules & Regulations stipulate the conditions under which changes can (or must) be reported.
As one of the requirements for participating in CONNECT, you must send a signed CONNECT Participant Agreement to the Payments Association. The above-mentioned Rules & Regulations will be provided with the agreement. You can request the CONNECT Participant Agreement and the Rules & Regulations by sending an email to The Payments Association publishes a list of participants that includes all of the participants in CONNECT.

CONNECT for merchants

Merchants can also join in CONNECT. Once connected to the reporting system, you can receive messages on the disruptions which are relevant to you. You can request a connection by sending an email to

If you the merchant discover a disruption yourself, you should report this to your providers (terminal provider, retailer or data communication provider) as agreed. As participants in CONNECT, they can then report and keep track of the malfunction.

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