The Board of the Payments Association has nine members: three independent Board Members, including the chairman, and six Board Members who are affiliated with members of the Association

Piet Mallekoote, CEO Dutch Payments Association

Piet Mallekoote, CEO Dutch Payments Association

The three independent Board Members

  • Lex Hoogduin, Lex Hoogduin (1956), chairman, professor at the University of Groningen, chairman of the chairman of LCH Group, LCH Limited, LCH S.A., chairman CIR and former CEO of the De Nederlandsche Bank (DNB)
  • Henk van den Broek , vice-chairman, former Board Member of Detailhandel Nederland,
  • Gerjoke Wilmink, Director-Manager of Alzheimer Nederland

Members of the Board on behalf of the banks:

  • Vincent van den Boogert, Chief Customer Officer ING Netherlands (nomination in General Meeting June 7 2017)
  • Vacancy on behalf of Rabobank
  • Anne Marie Magis, Managing Director Digitalisation Commercial Banking at ABN AMRO
  • Alexander Baas, COO at SNS Bank, on behalf of medium sized banks
  • Edwin Hartog, Head of Cash Management Corporates at Deutsche Bank Netherlands, representing smaller banks
  • Enny van de Velden
    CCO en Chair of the Board of Directors CCV Group on behalf of the payment institutions

The management team consists of:

  • Piet Mallekoote is CEO of the Dutch Payments Association
  • Gijs Boudewijn is Deputy General Manager
  • Marco Demmink is Secretary to the Board

Representatives of the Dutch Central Bank (DNB) and the Dutch Banking Association (NVB) attend the meetings of the Board of the Payments Association as observers.

Independent Board Members

The three independent members have a unique position within the Board. The governance of the Payments Association is focused on open, objective and clear rules, which are no more stringent than necessary. This governance guarantees free market access and affords the possibility of an independent appeal. This means that the independent Board Members have a collective veto in adopting and amending rules with regard to standards and the policy and procedures relating to certification and supervision. The independent Board Members also have a majority in an Appeals Committee that is charged with the arbitration of disputes with the Payments Association.


The independent Board Members are appointed on the grounds of a binding nomination by the Selection and Appointments Committee. The other members are appointed on the grounds of a binding nomination by one or more members. Each member with a market share of more than 10% is entitled to nominate a Board Member. Members with a market share of less than 10% are together entitled to nominate a maximum of three members. The nominations and appointments take place in accordance with the Board Members’ Profile. The Board Members’ Profile contains general criteria for all Board Members and specific criteria for independent Board Members, in particular the chairman. The profile is available in Dutch, upon request.



The law and the Articles of Association of the Payments Association contain a number of stipulations concerning the composition and procedures of the Board. The Board’s regulations have been drawn up as a supplement to this. These regulations contain the rules concerning the tasks and powers of the Board and the division of tasks within the Board.

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