1. Acceptant

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  2. Acquirer

    An acquirer is a bank or payment institution that accepts and processes electronic payments for businesses. A business can sign a contract for electronic payments with an acquirer directly  but it can also use the services of an intermediary, a so called APSP or Acceptant Payment Services Provider.

  3. APSP

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  1. Cash trapping

    With this form of fraud, criminals place a cover in front of the cash-dispensing opening of an ATM so that the banknotes are blocked. The cardholder thinks the ATM is broken. Once the cardholder has walked away, the criminals intercept the money withdrawn.


  1. Debit card

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  2. Demand side

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  1. Giro / Cashless

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  1. IBAN

    International Bank Account Number, an accepted standard for worldwide unique bank account numbers.

  2. ISO 20022 XML standard

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  3. Issuer

    An issuer is a bank or payment institution that issues electronic payment products to its customers. Dutch banks that issue debit cards from Maestro or V PAY to their customers are all issuers. These include virtually all banks offering payment or checking accounts.


  1. Payment service

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  2. Payment system

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  3. Phishing

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  4. POS institution

    Any organisation with a point of sale (POS).


  1. SEPA

    Single Euro Payments Area, the area for uniform domestic and foreign payments in euro.

  2. Shouldering

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  3. Skimming

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  4. Stakeholder

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  5. Supply side

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