Instant Payments can be very useful in various situations

All bank accounts of participating banks, belonging to either consumers or businesses, will be able to receive Instant Payments from the start.

Instant Payments can be useful in all kinds of situations.

Pay immediately in person

Pay someone else for the bike from Marktplaats using the mobile banking app as fast and easy as with cash. This person receives the money at any time (24/7) within 5 seconds in his bank account, also when he has his bank account somewhere else.

Pay upon delivery

Instant Payments allows to pay upon delivery, instead of paying in advance or paying afterwards which is the current custom. At the exact moment when the delivery takes place, the Instant Payment can be made. The retailer receives the Instant Payment directly in his bank account, and this is immediately visible. Also in the evening or during weekends. All this is done and visible on the account in the banking app and the retailers banking environment within 5 seconds.

Also possible for large amounts

Optimize cash management and pay the supplier just in time for delivered goods, also in the evening or on weekends. The credit transfer will be booked immediately and the funds will be directly available in the supplier’s account, even when it is a larger amount of money or when payment is made outside business hours.


For more information as to how business customers are exactly supported, please contact your bank.

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