SEPA uses file formats that are based on the ISO 20022 XML standard

All financial institutions in the SEPA countries must use these for the transfer of European credit transfers and European direct debits. Companies should also use these formats. The Dutch Payments Association has drawn up implementation guidelines for the Netherlands.

With these guidelines, companies in the Netherlands are provided with the basic information to make their systems fit for European payment products. Some banks work by these implementation guidelines. But there may also be differences per bank. This bank-specific information is described in an addendum document. The technical documents are only available in English.

For initiation of SEPA Credit Transfers (SCT)

Implementation Guidelines for the Netherlands:

For initiation of SEPA Direct Debits (SDD)

Implementation Guidelines for the Netherlands:

Overview of the various versions and their validity.

For reporting of SEPA transactions

Version 2.0 is the new version of the Dutch implementation guidelines of CAMT.053. The changes included herein ensure that the Dutch implementation guidelines are more in line with the CGI Guidelines and the recommendations of the EPC concerning Bank to Customer Reporting.

Versions 2.0 and 1.1 continue to exist side by side for the time being. Banks can therefore continue to support version 1.1 based on existing agreements with their customers.

Implemention Guidelines for the Netherlands:

As soon as it is clear which members of the Dutch Payments Association will support version 2.0 as from which date they will be published on the website of the Dutch Payments Association.

The above mentioned technical documents are based on the:


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