With the four letter bank code in a Dutch IBAN account number, the corresponding BIC (Bank Identifier Code) can be looked up

Every Dutch IBAN contains a four letter bank code. This bank code is – with very few exceptions – part of the BIC for the bank that issued the IBAN.

For SEPA transactions from or to a Dutch bank account, the Dutch banks provide a single BIC per bank. The BIC list of the Dutch Payments Association mentions this single BIC for each bank in the Netherlands, to be used in SEPA transactions. Companies may use this list in their own information systems.

The list is published and updated on our Dutch web page.

You can also dowload the list as an Excel spreadsheet.

Please note:

  • As a result of mergers, acquisitions and new entrants, this list can be updated on any given moment. The list always mentions the date of the latest update.
  • You can subscribe to our RSS feed to be notified automatically about updates, free of charge.
  • Some banks use additional BICs for non-SEPA transactions. These BICs are not mentioned in our list.
  • When a Dutch bank uses IBANs with a bank code that diverges from the BIC, this is signaled in the list. This is usually caused by a past merger or acquisition.
  • The disclaimer of the Dutch Payments Association applies to this BIC list (in Dutch).
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