An Acceptgiro payment is a payment that takes place based on a paper Acceptgiro form, which is made available by a creditor (usually a business)


The payer, or debtor, can have an Acceptgiro processed via online banking by entering the beneficiary’s account number, the amount and the payment reference in the correct fields. More than three quarters of all Acceptgiros for consumers are paid via online banking, with this percentage increasing each year. If the debtor chooses not to pay by online banking, he can use the original Acceptgiro form. In that case he will usually only have to sign the form and submit the form to his bank for processing. The submission of paper Acceptgiros to the banks by post has decreased considerably in recent years.



Thanks to a unique, sixteen-digit payment reference, the Acceptgiro is popular among businesses because they can easily and accurately match payments to outstanding invoices. Acceptgiro is a Currence brand. More information can be found at

The characteristically Dutch Acceptgiro will face new European rules and standards. Therefore, the Payments Association will develop a vision on the future of the Acceptgiro in consultation with its members, stakeholders and Currence in 2012.


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