The Dutch Payments Association fulfils a large number of collective, non-competitive tasks within the Dutch payment system

The Payments Association works closely with its members in this respect and periodically consults with them on developments and activities. It also consults proactively with representatives of end users. The tasks performed by the Payments Association include:

Product management

As a product manager, the Payments Association concentrates on adopting, managing and adapting collective product features, standards and rules. The development and implementation of collective services, products and standards initiated by members or on the basis of international best practices is also among its activities.

Change management

The Payments Association translates European requirements and developments with regard to payment infrastructure, standards and product features to the national payment system and ensures that they are implemented.

Quality control

The Payments Association draws up security requirements for the payment system and certifies market parties in the payment chain. It also monitors compliance with the rules and agreements to safeguard and improve the security and reliability of the payment system.

The Dutch Payments Association participates in the Dutch Banking Corporate Social Security Payments (MOB).
Dutch banks and other providers of payment services, large and small business customers of payment services, consumers and various interest groups regularly discuss the promotion of the social efficiency of Dutch payment traffic. Various topics are given attention.

Fraud prevention

The Payments Association oversees fraud prevention throughout the entire payment chain, compiles and analyses fraud statistics and formulates prevention policy. It also coordinates measures to prevent fraud.
To fraud prevention

Payment system expertise

The Payments Association keeps track of external developments that are relevant to its members and stakeholders. To this end it consults with parties involved in the payment market, external standardisation bodies and researchers. The Payments Association and external parties jointly conduct research, which contributes to greater effectiveness, security, reliability and social efficiency of the payment system.


The Payments Association publishes positions and reports, coordinates collective information campaigns and communicates with the media and the public.

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